One of the best ways to supercharge your seles as an online seller is to import products from china and to then resell them overseas especially in the united states. Using the amazon FBA program, you can ship the items straight from china to the amazon warehouses and let them take care fulfillment for are some inside tips on how to make the processes as smooth and easy as possible. Maximizing of profits but minimizing the headaches.

Firstly never start out with an order from a supplier that you’ve never worked with before. It is best to start out with the minimal order that you can, even if that means that you’re going to have lower profit margins. Why did you successfully work with the supplier and headstock successfully shipped you can then work up your orders to high quantities.I know that some of you out there are going to be really tempted to put down a lot of money so that you can get a lot of inventory, so that you don’t run out of stock and then you have higher profit margins, but when you’re starting out and learning this business, I believe in minimizing your risk as much as possible.

Keep your first batch of orders between five hundred dollars and two thousand dollars, In fact sometimes you can go even lower than five hundred dollars for your minimum order.This is on the assumption that you’ve already ordered a test product for them any Supply worth your while should be willing to send you a test product, keep in mind you’re going to have to pay for at least the shipping, but it’s well worth it, make sure you get a test products before you work with any Supplier. but keep in mind it’s really easy to produce one unit of very high quality, it’s another thing to be able to go from producing one very high-quality unit to producing 200 and it’s even harder to go from producing 200 to producing 1000 now the good news is that it most supplies aren’t going to have any problems with maintaining quality so you’re not going to have any issues, but by starting out small and gradually increasing your quantity size, you do Safeguard yourself just in case that Supplier doesn’t work out, so again minimize your risk by starting small, another way to safeguard yourself is by doing due deligence with your supplier, if you’re using Alibaba to find a supplier make sure you look at supplies with good reviews obviously if they bad reviews, void them.

when you find Supplier that looks interesting,make the effort to actually take your phone number and Call it and ensure that someone picks up the phone. Now you might think this seems really obvious and it is but trust me most people don’t even bother to give the respective supplier a phone call and simply rely on email communication. And check their address on Google Maps, make sure that there is a factory at the address that they gave if there isn’t a factory there the chances are you talking to a middleman and you are not getting the wholesale product freight and you are missing out on potential profits. Deal with the manufacturer only do not work with a middleman who is really selling your products and inflated price, and obviously the very best thing that you can do is to work with supplies that people can already recommend to you, this way that you can trust them from the gate guards.

The next advice I can give to you is to build a relationship with your supplier and your representative, become their friend, put yourself in their shoes if someone was rude to you would you want to help them? On the flipside if someone was nice to you and treated with respect, you don’t you think that you would want to help them more? So be nice to representative and be friendly.

Now one cultural quirk is that while Chinese supplies will expect you to be friendly with them in their communication, they will also expect you to be formal in the way you communicate with them. They also like hearing directly and clearly that you appreciate the products that are being produced and that you’re happy with the service that they are providing. Chinese businesses are focus on building long-term relationships with you, they want to have long-term clients and to work with you into the future, so they want to know if you are happy with them, so tell them that you are.

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